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What Justus Heating and Cooling Does to Filter Your Home

Why use multiple contractors when you can go with Justus Heating and Cooling? Located in the heart of Granite City, Illinois, Justus Heating and Cooling trained professionals are here to ensure the air you breathe is clean and comfortable. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of HVAC systems that deliver hot hair and cold air for the changing seasons. That is why we are here to ensure working comfort systems in your homes and commercial spaces.

During the hot summer heat, we know that you want your A/C system working at its finest without working its hardest. The most successful HVAC units are cleaned, maintained, and perform without stress. The Justus Heating and Cooling technicians are ready to service your unit through repairs, installations, cleanings, tune-ups, and more services.

Air Conditioning Service Granite City Illinois
AC repair granite city il

Justus A/C Repair

We Service All A/C Brands and Models

Things break, and units bust. We know that these things happen, and we want to repair them as stress-free and efficiently as possible. After your product has been repaired, take these tips on when you should make an appointment for future A/C service.

  • When Your System Releases Warm/Hot Air
  • Your System Releases Loud and Unusual Sounds
  • You Notice Leaks in Your Drains/Refrigerant Lines
  • Air Has Stopped Blowing from Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Installation

Moving to a new commercial building and needing an air conditioning system installed? Luckily, Justus knows precisely what to do. Not only do our technicians install new techniques to your commercial and residential spaces in Granite City, Illinois, but we also help guide your design and planning process to condense the number of future repairs you might have.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The most efficient way to ensure that your cooling system lasts is to have your installers’ routine maintenance checks. Not only will the technicians at Justus properly install your HVAC system, but they will come and check your system by appointment to make sure it is running correctly.

Here are some of our maintenance services:

  • Overall inspection of your air conditioning unit
  • The removal of any grime or building upon your system
  • Reset your thermostat
  • If needed, will apply lubrication to the motors and other moving parts
ac installation granite city il

With over 20 years of experience, trust your Justus technician to service and fulfill your HVAC needs. Those in Granite City, Illinois; and surrounding communities know that Justus Heating and Cooling provide the best service for quality and clean airflow.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment or speak with a representative about our A/C services, and please give us a call. We look forward to working with you and keeping your home comfortably cool.